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How to remove a red wine stain from your carpet

how to remove a red wine stain from carpet

It’s one of those dreaded moments: knocking a glass of red off the table with the dawning realisation that it’s going to stain your new carpet or antique rug.

If you act fast, however, it might not be as bad as you think…

remove red wine from carpet

Soak it up

The wine, not the situation – that could waste valuable time.  With a cloth or kitchen towel, blot as much of the red wine stain as you can.

Add cold water

Pouring a bit of cold water directly onto the stain helps to dilute what has already soaked into the carpet.  More blotting should remove more of the stain.

Add a baking soda mix

Assuming you have baking soda to hand, prepare a mix three parts water to one part baking soda and apply to the affected area*.


Once the mix has dried, vacuum the affected area thoroughly.



If you don’t have any baking soda in your house, you can always use white vinegar and washing up liquid.  Prepare a mix of two cups of warm water with a tablespoon each of vinegar and washing up liquid.  Dip a sponge into the mix and apply to the stain until it has been removed.


Another alternative is to apply cheap lemonade to the stain, which neutralises the tanning.


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7 tips for your home’s autumn clean

autumn home clean and tidy

With the nights drawing in, what better time to get your home clean and tidy ready for cosy evenings indoors?

As the gardening work begins to slow to the sweeping of leaves, your home starts to become a haven from the cold once again when Autumn rolls around.  The heating comes on and the curtains are drawn earlier, so here are some tips to get your home clean and tidy in preparation for the longer nights ahead…

Clear the outside

home clean and tidy garden Stowing away your summer gardenware after a good clean may feel like you’re giving up hope on that Indian summer.  However, it means it will last a lot longer and save you time and money in the long run.

Kitchen clear-out

As the prospect of home-cooked hearty meals become more enticing, so too should your kitchen.tidy home kitchen

Clean out cupboards and give the shelves in units and fridges a good scrub.  Fixtures, fittings, ovens and other appliances need to be cleared of any dirt build-up inevitable in kitchens; this can prevent health risks.

Vacuum everywhere

vacuum home cleanBattening down the hatches and turning up the heating for the colder months can have the drawbacks of trapping dust and creating mould in the house.  Make sure that soft furnishings and hard-to-reach places are vacuumed thoroughly to keep your home a happy, healthy one.

Sort your bed

bed home clean and tidyVacuum or steam-clean your mattress.  This is important to reduce the risk of mites, and washing your bedding at a high temperature kills those that may have thrived in the warm environment.

Clean the light fittings

light home cleanMake sure your home is seen in its best light; remove and dust the light fittings to leave your house with a warm, inviting glow each time you return.  You’d be surprised what builds up in the hard to reach places and the difference it makes.

Clear the gutters

Often overlooked but never to be undervalued; clean gutters allow for proper water drainage to prevent things like house leaks, moss build-up and attracting colonies of unwanted critters.

Clean your windows

warm home clean and tidyRemoving the pollen and dust that the warmer months can bring allows you to benefit fully from the freshness and colours that Autumn brings.

Also, opening your windows for a period of time each morning allows for your home to get the flow of air it needs after the heating goes on.

Why don’t you save yourself the hassle and let Caring Hands Cleaning Services give your home a bespoke Autumn spruce-up?  We offer domestic and commercial cleaning services in Preston, South Ribble, the Fylde Coast and throughout Lancashire and surrounding areas.  Call us now on 01772 747386